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Antonio Guarascio

Country Manager Italia – Romania GSE

Country Manager Italy-Croatia-Romania from 2007 to present
Responsible for Countries P&L, reporting to the BU Managing Director. I participate to the Finance Board Meetings.
 Hiring each Team member in the Country; for the first time I created dedicated high performing teams to improve and develop branch Portfolio with local clients. It consisted in two main actions: prospecting new clients through a specific commercial strategy, and remodelling the process to select and manage the supply chain to improve the market competitiveness. This has allowed to better express company added value to clients, and create a differentiating key factor for the company within the D&B field.
I have motivated each team member through specific missions and a target. An Italian portfolio has been created and 5 Contracts were signed during the period with local clients. In the Eastern Countries company 3 very challenging operations has been performed with high profit for the first time.

Project Manager & Director from 2001 to 2007
Reporting to the Group Technical Director, I was in charge with several operations, under contract negotiation and during Construction phase Supporting Business Development Manager, I qualified prospects and adjusted related technical team during the tender phase. I defined the most appropriate technical solutions to prepare the tender strategy.
Supporting the Business Development Manager during the contract negotiations, I validated project costs, timing & scope.  Responsible for Project Profit, I coordinated 2 Project Manager to carry out operations in construction phase (2 or 3 in parallel). Supporting Project manager during sensible phases: legal issue with subcontractors, contracts negotiations, client claims.

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